Introducing our greatest women's collection yet..Streignth SEAMLESS. This has been three years in the making- starting our company back in January 2019, we have always wanted to be able to reach quality like this someday. With the recent BOOM in growth via TikTok/Instagram, we are finally able to do a massive EXTREMELY high-quality launch. Having just 12K Instagram followers at the start of 2022 to put it in perspective, this launch would not have been possible without YOU GUYS believing in us and showing so much support/love. THANK YOU for helping Streignth grow so fast in such a short timespan. It's truly amazing what can happen when you get the right people together and are consistent...Every. Single. Day. This is only the beginning.

Below are our first ever SEAMLESS items- available in 3 COLORS (black, grey, and blue). PLEASE NOTE- the BLACK LEGGINGS are size smaller than the others- please order accordingly. We appreciate you guys so much- shop below :)

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