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The Lion Order Affiliate Program

A complete breakdown on the four levels within our brand. CLICK ON the "Lion Order" and "Elite Athlete pictures for detailed requirements/benefits on those 2 levels



Where everyone starts- prove your loyalty and interest first by APPLYING, and following our social channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).


"@Streignth Prospect" in social media bios


We'll reach out via Instagram DM to you if we think you'd be a good fit. Once approved, you'll be invited to create an account in our Affiliate Portal and given a promo code. You will be tasked to have 3 peers to purchase gear using your code (one may be yourself).


Lion Order
You've made it passed the hunting grounds and proved you can help us grow- welcome to The Lion Order officially. Help us spread our movement as often as convenient while reaping the benefits.

"@Streignth" on social media bios

-Opportunity to model
-Welcomed into our Lion Order team group chat
-Ability to earn commission
-Early access to launches

There are 3 Tiers inside this level- The Cub, The Lion, and The King/Queen- see full breakdown by clicking on the circular picture above 



Selected individuals of The Lion Order who have gone above and beyond spreading our movement, bringing in sales consistently, and rapidly growing their social presences.


"@Streignth Royalty" or on social media bios


-Final say in designs/launches

-Increased commission, discounts, and exposure

-Exclusive Royalty group chat

-ALL previous levels' benefits

You cannot apply to become an Athlete or Royalty- you must be chosen. The #1 way to become Royalty and/or an Athlete is to work your way up the ranks and stand out. Everyone starts out at Level 1- The Prospect.


Elite Athlete

Public figures thriving in their own industry (fitness, bodybuilding, music, sports, etc) representing Streignth to the highest degree. These individuals earn free merchandise and maximum exposure with strict requirements. 


"@Streignth Elite Athlete" on social media bios


-FREE Streignth gear

-Maximum exposure 

-Showcased on our website

-Leaders of The Lion Order

-ALL previous levels' benefits

Benefits of ALL 4 LEVELS will only keep increasing as we continue scaling the brand. If you do your part and help us grow, you WILL be rewarded

Characteristics of a Streignth Affiliate

Having these 6 qualities (or willing to obtain/strengthen them) will ensure you get accepted and the most out of our program- helping you excel in your own life as well.


You're a positive influence and role-model. People tend to look up to and aspire to be like you.


You are familiar with social media platforms- able to help promote the brand and a positive/healthy lifestyle.


Never content, you embody our mindset and always striving for more in your life.

Social Presence

You're credible- people will follow/listen to what you have to say. You have a legit and positive reputation 


Always willing to listen and learn new things no matter the topic- you understand knowledge is power.


You want the best for Streignth- able/willing to do whatever it takes to help the team grow physically, mentally, and spiritually .

Affiliate Program Reviews

With currently over 150 members in The Lion Order, our team/community's bond has been a key factor in helping Streignth succeed. Aside from helping the brand grow, our teammates have been able to excel in their own lives by living out our mindset as well- striving to become a greater version of themselves on a daily basis

Commonly Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question? Message us on Instagram (@streignth) or email us at

Who can be a part of The Lion Order? How exclusive is it?

If you live out our mindset on a daily basis, have the 6 characteristics listed above, and want to help us grow, we will be inclined to give you a chance. It doesn't matter how fit or muscular you are- what matters is you're willing to change, grow, and overcome your own adversities while helping us grow in the process. We're always looking for more motivated individuals to join the team.

What are some tips on getting sales?

From what we've seen the past 2 years, tell people to check out our Brand's Story/Origins as it's our biggest selling point. People love to be inspired, and Streignth is based off overcoming hardships- something everyone should be able to relate to in their own lives. Aside from our origins, our clothes itself are said to match and even succeed competitors such as Nike, Gymshark, and Lululemon with an even better price. 

How does the Affiliate Program Software work? 

Once your application is accepted and we DM you, you'll be officially recognized as a Prospect- invited to create an account on our online affiliate portal. In this, you're able to see: % of commission you've earned, # of unique visitors, and manage payouts. At the end of each month, we will send your paycheck via Venmo/Payapl

What's the best part about being involved with Streignth?

This is subjective- most affiliates will say it's not the money generated from commission, but the impact and influence it's made on their lives. You become who you surround yourself with- by being a part of Streignth, you promise yourself to strive to become a better person on a daily basis. We all support each other, and we grow together. It's an incredible experience. 

What makes Streignth's Affiliate Program better than its competitors? 

We all motivate each other to be better and are able to communicate daily via our group chat. Everyone has a say in future products, early-access to launches, discounts on all gear, and even the opportunity to model. By displaying hard work and loyalty, many opportunities can be offer to you within our program.

What are the key differences between Lion Order vs. Royalty (Ambassador) vs. Elite Athlete?

All 3 titles are on the same team supporting the same mission statement- striving to become greater versions of themselves on a daily basis. The biggest difference is the Athletes and Royalty have been recognized to grow their platforms outside of Streignth and help the brand grow rapidly and consistently . Being able to reach a larger audience and promote effectively gives us the best ROI (return on investment) and your best chance at becoming Royalty and potentially someday even an Elite Athlete

Lion Order- 89% of Streignth 

Royalty/Ambassadors- 10% of Streignth

Elite Athlete- 1% of Streignth

How strict are rules in The Lion Order? Is there a specific # of posts or sales required?

The fact that you believe in our mindset and are making an effort to help us grow speaks volumes- all we can ask is you try your best! There are no requirements for number of posts or sales in The Lion Order- as long as you're at least engaging with our social media posts and helping promote launches, we will appreciate and love having you a part of our team.

DISCLAIMER: Royalty and Elite Athlete positions require sales each month 

Can you get kicked out of The Lion Order?

Representing us outside of Streignth in a negative or disrespectful manner will result in termination from the brand. By having us in your bio and wearing our logo, you are representing what we stand for- positivity and bettering others. If we hear or receive complaints of you, we will contact and decide the necessary actions depending on the circumstance.